Painted Collusion

Painted Collusion

A collusion of wind, sea, and sky

I am strung out, set to dry all too soon

My canvas

Chin to toe, seen through a chink in the eye of the mind

Breathless, a restlessness stirs up vortical checklist

Paint laid out to an ear’s deafness

I find myself wandering still

Wind-washed, lent footsteps, stepped back from me

Never following through

Left this teeter-edge sky to hold balance

But all too soon stumbling

Rolling with the tides and thunder

Which waters will wash my hands?

Which wind will weather my will?

Watercolours are the fashioning of thoughts luminal

Laid out on paper liminal

Such a space I inhabit,


So I peel all the acrylic ever covering my eyelids

And spread, body wash primer

Blues launched into blues, fell through

And lie

Spread self and soliloquy into Spring susurration.

My form became a flower

Excerpt from the creation of Mother Earth


Model | Amie Hampsheir-Gill @monamiepics

Writer | Arran Olk @a_ok_poet

Photography | Bettina Bautista


📍London, United Kingdom




Bettina Bautista is a London based photographer who shoots in both film and digital. She has been keen in photography for a few years thanks to her mother's love for landscapes. Although she tends to gravitate towards fashion and portraiture, she does not mind taking the occasional landscapes. Her work is greatly influenced by her love for late 20th century music and movies. 

You can find her on Instagram:


Amie Hampsheir-Gill is a London based model, who integrates stories and emotions into her work. After partially losing her memory to the treatment of her Ulcerated Colitis in 2014, she perceives modelling to be acting without words, and endeavours to continue conveying tales through her art.

You can find her on Instagram: @monamiepics


Arran Olk started writing at 15 and has kept it up for the last 6 years. Arran is poet whose work never falls far from the natural world. His work often charts the personal stresses we experience daily, exploring this vast topic through personification of nature.

You can find him on Instagram: @a_ok_poet