The Quarantine Diaries: Part 3

The Quarantine Diaries: Part 3

If in Doubt, DIY & Laugh Out Loud


Pairing a DIY project with laughter can be a fun-laugh-out-loud combo.

Comedy ideas (Netflix):  Iliza Schlesinger, Sebastian Maniscalco




Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas


DIY  Chamomile Oatmeal Tub Tea Soak


Tub Tea is like bath salts or a bath soak but contains loose dry herbs and tea.  Avoiding the mess of loose herbs, tub teas can be placed in a tea ball that steeps in your tub. 





1 cup dry oatmeal (ground to a course powder in a blender or food processor)


1 cup of Epson salts


4 tablespoons of Chamomile Lemon Tea (or contents of 6 Chamomile Lemon Tea Bags)


10 drops of chamomile essential oil


How to:

Measure ingredients and layer in a mason jar with a tight-fitting lid or you can mix all ingredients together and skip the layering.  Place ½ cup in a tea ball and allow it to steep in hot bath water. Relax!



DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub


Be creative with the sugar/essential oils combo & make your own amazing scrub creations.




1 cup of white sugar


¼ cup + more if needed of coconut oil (or almond, jojoba or grapeseed oil)


Lemon essential oil (or whatever essential oil you have on hand).


8 oz mason jar


How to:

Place your sugar in a mixing bowl, followed by your coconut oil.  Mix both ingredients together until your mixture becomes light and fluffy looking, adding more or less coconut oil until you have the consistency you want, and depending on how moist you want your scrub.  Add your essential oil to give your mixture a nice lemony scent.  (I used 15 drops.).   Place your scrub in an 8 oz clean mason jar, making sure there is no water in your jar.  Scoop out a spoonful and rub on your hands like you were washing them with soap, allow the oil to moisturize your skin while the sugar exfoliates.  Rinse your hands with cool water and enjoy silky hands.





Time is a rare commodity.  Let us make the most of this gift in the presence of uncertainty.  Pause, breathe, meditate, be present, discover your body’s limits, extend & hold long stretches, dance (like no one’s look’n!), add a slice of enjoyment to your hydration, listen, learn something new, digest each morsel of knowledge without distraction, remember what you learned & share with others.  Read out loud.  Embrace the growth of self and express gratitude.  Pay it forward. 


We will find our way through this, together, globally, regardless of the geography that divides us.  Let us be kind, generous, and sensitive to others, for none of these are in quarantine.  Let us be encouraged by the world’s unified reaction.


“and then the whole world

walked inside and shut their doors

and said we will stop it all.  everything.

to protect our weaker ones

our sicker ones.  our older ones. 

and nothing.  nothing in the history of humankind

ever felt more like love than this.”  ~ CD  (Author Unknown) 


(Those are the words, type written on a piece of paper, found taped to a utility pole in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, on 2020-Mar-24, and shared to social media the same day)



Written by: C.J. Crooks

Senior Creative Freelance Writer

& G.G. Grande

Senior Research & Content Writer

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