How to live a more creative lifestyle

How to live a more creative lifestyle

You see, creativity is not just a personality trait - it's an actual lifestyle.

Creativity use to be a personality trait way back when, but now the world has moved forward and creativity is a lifestyle with creators sitting on top. 

Some people are natural-born creatives, others learn years later but creativity is fostered and grown under specific circumstances. 

Here is how to build your perfect creative lifestyle and life a life full of growth and possibilities.



Don’t rush anything

Everyone loves to get to the end fast but you don’t become a pro overnight. Don’t get frustrated if you are just getting into a hobby and your work doesn’t look like that person on YouTube who has been doing it for 5 years. Comparing yourself and getting worked up over something that takes time is meaningless and counterproductive.  Relax and let yourself grow at your own pace rather than giving yourself un-needed anxiety. 


There’s value in sharing

Remember in school (no matter how many years ago this was) you were told that teaching others helps you learn more and being tactile/ hands-on makes you learn faster? Well, when it comes to creativity this is an amazing gift that no many people take advantage of. To really help yourself grow, share your experiences and meet with other creatives in your industry to help you make leaps and bounds over self-teaching. Even when it comes to turning a hobby into a business having someone mentor you and help you grow is an outstanding way to learn. 


Embrace negative feedback 

When building your creative side, criticism and feedback are gold.

 Always ask for it and never be mad when you get it. 

Feedback allows you to improve as you grow, everyone has a different view on art or creative work and they might not understand what you are trying to do but always look for constructive criticism and try new thing s that people suggest, it might bounce you up a few notches and you might like what you see. 


Set aside some creative time

break yourself out of the daily grind and work running through your head and give yourself downtime. This downtime should be a portion of your day where you can set your phone to airplane mode and just work on your creative side. Learn new things, surf the web for ideas and inspiration and start acting on it. By the end of your downtime, you should be one step closer to perfecting whatever it is you are doing. As long as you are working on you and being happy (not frustrated) with your work that is all that matters. 

"Creative time is the quality time between you and the world, not just between you and work."


Don’t limit yourself

When I tell someone to stop limiting themselves, they look at me as if I had a third eye. 

The concept of limiting yourself or become a master one single style ends up handicapping your growth as a creative. My goal is to try and push you to really experiment, we often turn into a homing missile that tracks the first thing that shows results. Once we get results from one thing, we lose all of our creativity and exploratory side, thus burning out because we are no longer being creative we are just doing the same thing over and over again.  I think that knowing what works is great but knowing how to keep your creative juices flowing by trying new styles and mediums also helps us grow. 

It’s like those images of the people digging for gold and one person finds none, the other finds a little bit and the final person found the jackpot. It’s like that, you are jumping on the first thing without seeing if different avenues could hold more value for you.  Always try new things, don’t deprive yourself of creativity and burn out! 


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