Cutting off perfectionism.

Cutting off perfectionism.

We all love things to be perfect, it could be something as small as a comment on social media all the way to something as big as a youtube video or photo shoot you are releasing to your audience. 

But perfectionism becomes a hindrance to those who want to move forward fast. We're not telling you just stop trying and put out mediocre content, we're just telling you not to let perfectionism push your projects farther and farther down the line until they never end up being finished. 

Here are a few key things that I do to make sure my work gets out to the world and isn't stuck in development prison. 

1. Friends and Family

Usually, friends and family if they know your work and your niche are a good measurement device. They have the ability to tell you the truth about your work and let you know if you rushed something, if it's not your best work or that it's fantastic and ready to go! I say Usually because we don't need someone who is always going to agree with you and not try to hurt your feelings. I'm sure you know who those people are and how to find those who will give you the honest truth behind the quality of your work. 

2. Soft and hard deadlines. 

For Photo and Video work I usually grant myself 1-2 weeks between a soft and hard deadline. When the soft deadline hits I deliver what I have to my partner or friends to get feedback or blaring mistakes I may have missed because I was staring at the same thing for so long. Once it passes inspection I give myself a few days to think and watch it once more to make sure I'm happy with the project. If it passes both steps and I feel it would score an 80% or higher to my super judgy self, I launch it on the hard deadline. 

3. Remind yourself why you are doing it. 

When you send out content you have to think will one person in this world enjoy what I am creating or find it useful in some way shape or form. The always be yes. Chances are that somebody somewhere will find this content valuable and perhaps improve their lives, so why not help somebody out or make their day just a little bit better by catering to them with your talent? 

Everyday I always run through these steps and have all of my dates listed so I make sure to produce quality content and I hold myself accountable if I do not deliver. Hopefully, you found value in this post and it has helped you move oh so much closer to your end goal or project launch! 












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