Best Podcasts for the Creative.

Best Podcasts for the Creative.

When you want to learn, motivate yourself and feel good, these are the Podcasts for you. 


If you are a photographer or filmmaker this would be the podcast to listen to. You will be able to learn the workflows of some of the top industry professionals when it comes to things like Lightroom, final cut pro and many more programs. 
While the podcast covers program workflows it also dives into how people prepare for photo shoots, work with clients and dives into the lifestyles of various creatives from around the world.  
This Is more of a technical podcast and not a very casual listen but it’s nice to have the insight into how other creatives work. I found that through this podcast I was able to really overhaul how I worked and planned my day to day life. 


This is more of a casual listen, Matti And Pete are both incredible creators on youtube and have plenty of useful information to share with aspiring content creators. This Podcast loves to throw funny moments and good times in with serious business talk. I love the dynamic and would recommend if you just need to kill some time and are not feeling the music. 


This one is very selective, you really need to be interested in human optimization and love hearing people try new things. Tim is an amazing show host and an incredible interviewer who also coaches some of the biggest business minds on the planet. I would recommend this podcast to those who want to be a better version of themselves and love to think. 


For when you need to hustle your ass off. 
Gary has always championed hustle culture and I love him for it. He has incredible insight and information as a business rather than a creative. It’s a great podcast to place your self in the mind of a marketer learning how you can position yourself to score more deals and contracts as a creative. 
He also has great segments on building a brand, that I know many creatives could use. 
Would always recommend this when you need to get shit done. This guy loves to swear so your in for a ride when you start listening. 
Of course, there are hundreds of potential Podcasts out there for creatives, this is just a handful we keep on rotation when we have a minute to listen to something in the car, out for a walk or hustling in the basement. 

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