Creator Sessions: Photographer Shanna Marcus

Creator Sessions: Photographer Shanna Marcus

The Meadow


Shanna Marcus, 21 year old creative wanderer and aesthetic captor. Loving to find beauty in everything ever around. Always trying to make more beauty out of already existing beauty and trying to make it to the best image possible.



Q. How did you decide on the style/tones for your images?

I always liked more moody/desaturated images to capture serenity because that’s what I’m feeling inside most of the time. I also like to incorporate both beauty and fashion photography since I want to get both my professions to be seen within a series of pictures.


Q. Do you find it hard being a person with many hats (Being a photographer, HMUA and retoucher? )

I do find it a bit of a challenge sometimes. But you know what, I love a good challenge. That’s why I’m right where I want to be. I also have a very clear idea of how the makeup, compositions and color grading should look like in the end, I find it easier to communicate that towards myself instead of somebody else who might see it slightly different.



Q. Do you prefer studio shooting or location?

I don’t prefer one above the other. What happens most of the time is that I get bored easily. When I shoot too much in a studio, I get sick of it and need change. The same goes for shoots on location. But you can make it as exciting as you want, make the most of both...



Q. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the industry?

My favorite thing is the inspiration I get from other great artists. Whether they are painters or sculptures, other makeup artists and photographers, everyone can learn from each other and share their knowledge and make other beautiful content out of it. I love that the most. My least favorite thing is the rivalry: Not being able to just let everyone be and trying to do anything just to get someone to be demotivated or question themselves. Insincerity and being mean is also a big pet peeve of mine in this industry which still happens a little too much.



Q. Is it hard retouching beauty photography? When do you know you have edited the image enough?

I find beauty photography the hardest to retouch. I am very critical of my makeup I do for the shoot and when I look at the picture I’m never fully satisfied but you need to draw a line somewhere. That line can be sometimes invisible and because of that I sometimes start all over when editing beauty shoots when I just thought I was finished. I know when I edited it enough. Its when I can’t think of anything more to do without going overboard or when the hours on the clock have reached a high enough number, which is a maximum of 5 (a picture).



Q. What was one of your proudest or most memorable milestones in your career so far?

Going to Japan to shoot some editorials there, that was the most amazing and also at the same time, ballsy thing I’ve ever done in my life. Going there alone, meeting so many great people and taking great pictures, that really makes me happy. Also making my mom and sister proud of my first published editorial, which consisted of pictures made from my first shoot ever, was also a great milestone for me. Little things like buying my first professional camera and lenses were also memorable and because of this, I could do what I love most. The beauty of it all: did it all myself for myself and I believe there are many more great milestones for me to come.



Q. What tips do you have for beginner photographers when it comes to composition? Any rules of thumb?

The composition can be a hard thing to do. It can be that one photographer likes to have the model photographed from a frog’s perspective with a lot of scenery instead of only the model. Others love a triangle composition more than a diagonal composition. It can all be based on taste or what the photographer wants to highlight more in a picture. I would say: Do what makes you feel most comfortable looking at the picture. Or intentionally make it less comfortable, it’s all what you like best and what you want to make yourself and the ones looking at your picture feel; Fear? Joy? Or maybe peace? Who knows?



Thank you to Creators magazine for this opportunity! I can’t thank you enough to share a little piece of me.

-Shanna Marcus





Shanna Marcus @editorialsbyshanna

Stylist: Santoesha Tjietaman


Model: Floorje Ambachtsheer


Agency: Models Rock Agency

📍Amsterdam, Netherlands