Creator Sessions: COVER Photographer Liubov Pogorela

Creator Sessions: COVER Photographer Liubov Pogorela

The Emerald Glow




Q. Your images are so incredibly crisp, can you give us a little insight on how you create that look?

Thank you! I really love crisp images, especially if we’re talking about beauty photography. I think that for me, it’s a combination of good lighting and good camera lens.


Q. How did you get into retouching and what makes you so good at what you do?

I was a photographer for a couple of years and decided that I wanted to create perfect images. So I had to teach myself how to retouch. There was very little information on the internet eight years ago, so I just had to use the trial and error method of exploring Photoshop. It was time-consuming to achieve a good level of retouching, but I was so happy that I was able to teach myself.



Q. What is it like booking a campaign that could be anywhere in the world?

It’s absolutely amazing! I love traveling and my job gives me a chance to see the world and to work with many talented people.


Q.  Any tips for retouching skin?

Try to leave as much texture as possible. Do not zoom in too much. Lower the layer opacity if the image looks too fake.



Q. Have you built many relationships with other creative individuals?

Yes, I have. I try to build good relationships with everyone I work with. Building a creative community and supporting each other is very important.

Q. How do you achieve the perfect lighting in your studio?

I plan lighting schemes before every shoot. I think it helps me to be confident on set. But sometimes I like improvisation.



Q. How often do you shoot editorial work?

It depends on the amount of commercial work I have. So sometimes I shoot editorial work once a month, sometimes five times a month.


Q. We adore your work and think you are incredibly professional. How did you find your niche in Beauty Photography and Retouching?

Thank you so much! I didn’t choose Beauty Photography intentionally, it chose me. :) When I discovered Beauty Photography, I was so happy doing it and I didn’t think about finding a niche or building a career. Now I’m just thankful to have such an amazing job.



Q. What is your favorite campaign to date? How did you book it?

My favorite campaign is a lipstick campaign for the biggest Chinese beauty brand, Carslan. It was a great opportunity to see Shanghai and work with a big and talented team. The producer found me on Facebook and invited me to shoot this campaign because the client loved my work.



Q. What made you fall in love with Photography and pursue it as your career?

I really love having the ability to create something beautiful and controlling a moment. Also, I’m a perfectionist and an aspiration of becoming better helped me to progress.




Photographer: Liubov Pogorela @liubovpogorelaphotography

MUA: Mitya Hrybko @mityamboo

Beauty Team: Christina Kilinskaya @christina_kilinskaya,

Maria Chuchkalova @chuchkalovamasha, Diana @boomdiboom

Model: Daria Kononenko @___________dk___________


HMUA: Lera Ostrianina @lera_ostrianina

Model: Sasha Halichieva @sasha_lunaria


HMUA: Anastasia Leonova @leon_mua

Model: Sophia @sophiajuravel

Agency: @egomodels_ukraine


HMUA: Liudmila Agakhanova @agakhanova_liu

Model: Daria @daribellenger


📍Kiev, Ukraine