Creator Sessions: COVER Model Mathilde Ludvigsen

Creator Sessions: COVER Model Mathilde Ludvigsen





Q. What got you interested in Modeling and how did you master the art?

I was always fascinated by Models growing up for some reason. But it wasn’t until I got scouted multiple times by different agencies that I started to consider it for a job. I definitely wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the art, although if I’m feeling comfortable with the photographer the end result will always turn out better. I actually used to be so camera shy and hated having my photo taken. So it took me a little while to get used to it. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take some acting courses. This is a really good tip! Your connection to the camera, facial expressions, and body language will definitely benefit from this.


Q. What is your favorite style of modeling? Beauty, Fashion, conceptual, etc?

I’d have to say my favorite style of modeling is conceptual. It’s just so much fun to have all these aspects like styling, lighting, setting, and mood all play together to create a moment. It’s almost like acting at times too. Just mute.


Q. How has your experience been in the industry so far? Have you been able to travel abroad?

One of my favorite parts of modeling is that I get the opportunity to see so many different parts of the world. All of 2018 I traveled abroad with work. I’d recommend doing the overseas work trips to anyone who has the opportunity to because I’ve met so many incredible people whom I’m still in contact with and consider best friends of mine. I’ve been very lucky to have had some really cool roommates from all over the world.



Q. How did you get represented by so many agencies?

Throughout the past two years of modeling my mother agency has been placing me with agencies overseas. Whenever I have time to travel abroad, they contact agencies in the city I want to travel to. Usually, the on-stay trips I’ve been doing have involved 2 months in one place, doing castings on a daily basis. So far I have agencies in Milan, Miami, Athens, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Cape Town. All so culturally different and beautiful in their own way.


Q. What tips do you have for beginner models trying to build connections in the industry?

I think the rule every model should stick to no matter a beginner or if you’ve been in the industry for a while, is to genuinely be nice to everyone on set. Anyone of them could have you in mind for an upcoming job. Plus you’ll enjoy working on another level if you get to know the people around you.


Q. What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?

I recently did a really fun shoot with one of my favorite makeup artists, where he transformed me into a completely different person with a huge Afro type of hair with a lot of green and glitter involved for the eye shadow. I really enjoy those type of jobs when you’re playing around a bit and dressing up. I also had the opportunity to shoot with the coolest photographer in Cape Town. As it was a test shoot, it was just him and I joking ideas for the concept. I did my own makeup and hair, and we both brought outfits along. We drove along the coast and shot it the most incredible locations. It is definitely one of my favorite shoots to date.



Q. Are you pursuing modeling full time? and How often are booked for jobs?

I’ve currently decided to stay in my home country for a while. There’s isn’t enough work available in Copenhagen to call it full time. So I’m also working at a restaurant on the side and hope to study again later this year.


Q. Do you attend lot’s of castings and for those that have never been to one, describe what a casting is like? Is it very competitive?

I only attend castings when I’m working overseas. In Denmark clients usually select the models through direct bookings. Which makes life a lot easier for everyone. I remember my first casting was in Istanbul when I was 19. It was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever. Every casting is different. But usually, you’ll be lining up. this can take anywhere between 1 minute to 5 hours. then once it’s your turn you hand over a comp/set card to the casting director. If they’re interested in your look your photo will be placed in the “yes” pile along with a bunch of others, and sometimes they’ll get you to try some of their clothes or products on to see how you suit their brand. If you’re lucky enough to score the job they’ll book you through your agency where all the details are sent over. The casting process becomes less enjoyable if you view it competitively in my opinion. The key is not to take the “no’s” personally. Of course, that’s easier said than done at times.


Q. Describe your personality in three words!

Ahhh.. this is always such a difficult one to answer. But if I asked someone close to me to describe me in 3 words, I believed they’d describe me as loyal, smiling and a little weird haha





Photographer: Glen Montgomery @glenmontgomery_

Agency: Supernova Creative Management @supernovacm

Model: Mathilde Ludvigsen @mathilde_ludvigsen

Agency: Base Model Agency @basemodelagency