Jacquemus 10th Anniversary show was held on a Lavender Farm

Jacquemus 10th Anniversary show was held on a Lavender Farm

This isn't your ordinary Fashion Show!

Set in a romantic lavender field South of France, 153 models showcased Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The brand's founder, Simon Porte Jacquemus, wanted to mark the monumental anniversary by returning to the place where he’s from.

The name of the show is called “Le Coup De Soleil” - the French word for “sunburn." Models walked down an incredibly hot 500-meter bright pink catwalk in celebration of a decade of the popular fashion brand. 

Speaking to WWD the Designer said “I wanted a place that looked like a postcard — almost too much like a postcard, even. It was important to me to turn that cliché into something artistic, with that pink line running through the middle like a contemporary art installation by Christo, or a painting by David Hockney."


The collection is comprised of both mens and womenswear showcasing gorgeous summer colors including hot pinks, pastel greens, oranges, blues, and yellows popping against the fuchsia carpet. As always the designer's accessories were bold, including basket bags and oversized hats. 

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From the picturesque setting and the vibrant color palette to the shifting shapes and sizes of the accessories, the collection sent Instagram feeds everywhere into a frenzy. We are in awe by the dreamy looks and location where the fashion show was held. Incredibly unique and inspiring Jacquemus.

The designer chose to hold his 10th anniversary show outside of the normal fashion calendar, between the end of Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and the beginning of Paris couture shows, which start next week.


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sandrine goncalves on

it is a very authentic idea….. The farm has just made the whole idea awesome. and the collection kind of fitting well with the concept…. thumbs up…..

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