How to start and execute your next project.

How to start and execute your next project.

“You will need to Plan, Action and a Follow-Through, but most of all you will need grit.”



Many of us find ourselves daydreaming of projects or ideas we have that to most may seem crazy but to us, it is a burst of excitement. You might be wanting to start a youtube channel, a podcast or even a new idea for a photoshoot. However, sometimes that burst of excitement is often short-lived due to some self-doubt or just not having enough time to make it happen.


The common idea of “this has been done before” or “why would anybody want to look at what I am doing” is what kills so many potentially amazing ideas and opportunities. Once you realize that people are after the individuality of you as a creative rather than just you creating a product that people want things to change. The internal discussion changes from why would I do this so how can I do this and make it happen.


This is what you need to do to turn your idea and goal into a reality. You will need to Plan, Action and a Follow-Through, but most of all you will need grit.


Many entrepreneurs of successful businesses owe their company’s original success to their grit. Their ability to hold out in the long term, dealing with struggles and obstacles as they came but never giving up on their ambitions. This may seem extreme for those who are reading just looking to start a social media channel or more but even a little bit of grit goes a long way. Something to think about.




When it comes to New Year's resolutions roughly 8% of people who think of them actually meet their goals. Now it’s not new years and I’m not asking you to write resolutions, however, the most interesting fact about New Year's resolutions is that they are exponentially more effective when written down!


This means that actually having your plan written down and visualized is an easy and effective set to actually get your project/idea that much closer to fruition. I suggest researching your project and list everything you need to have done to make it happen. Do you need equipment, models, actors, settings, rentals, set up channels, etc… All of this needs to be written down so you can start crossing these things off of the plan.  It gives you micro-goals to hit to make the big one happen.




Pretty simple. Action makes things happen. I know it’s crazy. This is simple but at the same time starting to make this happen can be hard simply because of anxiety and pressure from everybody else. You just need to know you are doing this for you and nobody else. There’s no simple way around this step other than just doing it.



Goals, projects, and ideas can take a long time to happen and become something you are proud of but it is all worth it in the end. Our project took 8 months before it started to pay off and become something that other people recognized.


Be sure to keep yourself in check and always at the end of every day make sure you take one step forward closer to your goal. That could be as simple as posting an image on Instagram, writing a blog, or just updating your followers on social media.


Keep it simple!

Rome was not built in a day and there is no rush to get to your finish line so quickly. Enjoy the journey no matter how tough things get!



Written by: Mathieu Roy

Head of Marketing at Creators Magazine


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