How to be consistent in creating content without burning out.

How to be consistent in creating content without burning out.

“Consistently having to generate ideas and connect with your audience allows you to broaden your horizons more than ever before.”


Content Creators are responsible for helping you contribute information to digital media.  They target a specific audience through various forms of content such as; blogs, managing /updating websites and writing articles and assist you in creating content in a timely and “consistent manner. 


We recently asked our readers what the biggest challenges they face as Creatives and content creation and creative burnout were at the top of their list.


First let’s start with why it’s important to be consistent, no matter what platform you are on.  Creating content daily, weekly or monthly is important. It allows you to quickly build an engaged following by promising your audience that they will receive your content at certain times. This keeps your audience engaged and always looking forward to your new posts and updates. Building a relationship with your audience through updates and posts also increases shareability and trust.  If your audience trusts that you consistently put out great content they are more likely to share it with friends.



Okay, I understand it’s important but I don’t think I can create content every (day/week/month).

I’m glad you thought so. The term content can mean many things. This does not mean you have to push out a photoshoot or cinema level video once a day.  It just means updating people with what you are doing and engaging with them any way you can. Creating content consistently can be as easy as doing an Instagram story every day or sending a tweet. The more you can do, the faster you can build your following and create that brand awareness.


We use the pillar method to be able to produce large amounts of content every day. We start with one major Video or Blog we have created that is long but has a lot of valuable information. We then chop up all the good parts of the video and blog and spread it through our social platforms each day. We generally get 8-10 posts/stories from one long piece of content, allowing us to seemingly have a never-ending supply.



This sounds cool and all but sometimes we too burnout.  Creative burnout is a  problem that affects most of us at some point in our creative career. Here are a few tips to help you when it hits.

Consider a distraction like switching tasks.  It may mean working on your personnel content for a while to change focus.  Walking your dog, grabbing a coffee with a friend or taking a nap are all excellent ways to make you a more productive creative and is good for your mental health.


Collaborate with some like-minded creatives.  Having friends/colleagues who have gone through similar issues will have the knowledge/wisdom to help you. 


Another suggestion is to keep to a schedule like a 9-to-5. I know that’s hard for a Content Creator because most of you work from home.  However, clearly defining your work time allows you the evening to rejuvenate.  That may mean binge-watching a Netflix series, reading a great book or going for a workout.


No matter what challenges you face, being a successful content creator starts with the habits you form from being consistent with content creation to overcoming burnout.  All of this will enable you to create some awesome content for your target audience.



Written by: Mathieu Roy

Head of Marketing at Creators Magazine


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