Zero Waste Fashion

Zero Waste Fashion

Can fashion ever be sustainable? Zero Waste Fashion
Banners maketh fashion

A 51-year-old reputable Korean national food brand Ottogi contacted an eco-friendly fashion designer brand Darcygom and asked if something could be done with their used banners. Darcygom ended up creating outfits with them. The exterior of all the outfits was completely made with banners. Each design has a bit of Korean traditional attire details in it. “Gat” in Korean is the traditional hats for men but also sounds a lot like the word “god.” In Korea, the word “god” is added as a term of endearment for reputable national brands, national celebrities and etc. The male models wore an actual gat hat and female models held gat shaped handbags as fashion accessories to tie into the "god-gat" theme.

Newtro is a trend happening in Korea. The word "Newtro" is a combination of the words [new] and [retro, retrospect], referring to a new interpretation of retro culture.
The photographs were taken at places considered retro but with a bit of pizzazz; the traditional Kwangjang market, Inhyundong Printing Alley, and Dongdaemun.


Photographer Seungjun Oh @jentle_photography

Hair & MUA Hansol Park @sonamoooooo

Designer brand darcygom @darcygom

Creative Director Beth SJ @sj.beth

Model Taeyoung Kim @lilyysta__

Model Sungjin Park @seong_jin0101

Model Seunghyuk Jo @seunghyeog_jo

Model Haneul Lee @x_xalmond

Fabric provided by @ottogi_daily

📍Seoul, South Korea