Your Paradise Awaits

Your Paradise Awaits

The goal of this shoot was to try to capture the feelings of vulnerability and intimacy that can be brought with warm summer weather. We came up with the idea of a Love Island or a Secret Paradise and were able to find this area in Chesapeake Maryland that helped us make the scene we wanted to create.

I am currently based in Baltimore, Maryland, and work in the general DMV area. Growing up I had an artistic background. I played instruments such as the trumpet, piano, and violin which sparked my creative background and my love for music. I never really thought of chasing a career in the arts because I thought a career in a field of science would fit me better. About a year ago as I was getting ready to enter my first year of college at Towson University, I realized that creating art and music was really my passion. I didn’t know I would end up falling in love with photography until about November of 2019 when I started to realize I could take photography somewhere and share my own art and talents with the rest of the world. Now I’m getting back into doing the things that I love that bring happiness and joy into my life. I’m creating art again and picked up playing the guitar so I can play along with some of my favorite songs.


Photographer: Japhet Chukwuma

Male Model: Anthony Akinrinmola @anthonyakrinrinmola

Female Model: Toni Akinmusere @t.onniii


📍Chesapeake, Maryland