Without Him

Without Him

Without him, the gardens were nothing, seemingly bereft of their beauty and charm despite the stunning flowers and colors radiating in the spring sunlight. 
Had it been nothing but an impossible dream, or should she continue to follow what she thought was her destiny?

She was a romantic young girl who had only ever come across love through literature. One summer afternoon she meets a guy whom she falls badly for. Her world is turned upside down. She has never felt so alive in all her life. They met regularly at the Pergola gardens and shared a deep, yet platonic connection. One day the boy disappeared without a trace, never to see him again. 

She returns frequently to the gardens in the hope of being reunited with him, desperate to again have her senses heightened by the excitement of his company and his smell.


Photography | Julie Adamson-Fargues @jafinthebox_ports

Model | Yara Hamed @yarahamedmodel

📍London, England