Waiting in Style

Waiting in Style

Waiting for someone special. Editorial inspired by the specific behavior of humans- most of the time waiting for something better, something more, something else, instead of living their lives here and now. Fortunately, some of us already reached the point where they live with joy of this "now" moment. But when comes to love, lots of us just cannot break the routine of emotionally waiting for our loved ones. The model shows a story of a woman who waits and waits for her love to arrive. She spends a lot of time, but definitely waits with style and feel good with herself.


Photographer/Stylist | Agnieszka Sokołowska


Model/Makeup | Żaneta Miklosz @ita_eyes


📍 Hotel Sadova and Papieroovka Restaurant in Gdańsk, Poland.

hotelsadova.pl papieroovka.pl/en
@papieroovka @hotelsadova