Unbreakable Love

Unbreakable Love

Situated in an opulent Egyptian villa (adjacent to suburban Cairo). This fashionable story is inspired by the rapture of love, beauty and emotions between two star-crossed lovers. Female model, Nivea Leavell dons elegant dresses designed by international fashion designer Farida Temraza, accompanied by a luxurious set of diamond earrings accented with a sparkling jeweled ring. Male model, Aziz Sharif dons custom designed mens suits by Egyptian fashion designer El Tarzy and bespoke shoes by footwear designer, El Eskafy. With exception to Nivea, all contributors to this project are Egyptians, based in Cairo, Egypt. The mood board is influenced by a confluence of the haute couture of the Mid Orient, North Africa, and the West.


Female Model | Nivea Leavell @MyLifeAsNivea

Male Models | Aziz Sharif @azizattire_ , Abokamar @abokamarwho

Art Director | Aziz Sharif @azizattire_

Photographer | Sherif Elbouhy @sherifelbouhyofficial

MUA | Lydia Moussa @glam.by.lydia

Hairstylist | Haytham Amin @haythamamin2012

Women's Fashion Designer | Farida Temraza @temraza

Men’s Fashion Designer | EL TARZY @eltarzy

Men’s Shoe Fashion Designer | El Eskafy @eleskafy

Men's and Women Fashion Designer | Nour Ibrahim  @nouribrahimm

Jewelry | DiZaina


📍Cairo, Egypt