Waima Toi De Souza: In her own time and space. A multifaceted Poet, Artist, Model, and Lightworker who obtains and carries her own authenticity and mixed-race spice and truths to any vicinity and place. This gracious and powerful artist is an inspiration to her many tribes and community. She moved away from her small Māori home town life to the cities in order to access a wider range of opportunities, with the goal of building capital and learning self-mastery while she educates her people at home alongside the world. Here is a taste of Waima’s poetry and you can find more on her Instagram page @waimatoipoetry:

Laying in a field of dandelions, I am where I wish to be. Sometimes I lay back and gaze
with anticipation waiting on everything that I see unfolding, naturally.
Where is the shame?
Shining light in this game
Igniting the flames of ancient wisdom and love
On behalf of my ancestors name.

When you look into the frame
The frame of the vessel wearing your name
Your projections are mirrored and honey, you too are to blame.

Projecting the rain, why do you hold on to the pain?
Adapting to frequencies so inhumane.
Degrading yourself, as you struggle to maintain
The divinity in your soul
Humanly triggers ensure your disclaim

Haven’t gifted yourself the chance to explain...
No safety to explain, leading you to think that we are not the same
Holding that fear of being labelled insane
Inhibits you from roaming freely on this physical plane. - Waima

Model: Waima De Souza @_waimami

Photo: @macami__


📍Brisbane Australia