The Silver Man

The Silver Man

MKIND 3.0 - « The Silver Man »

This series of self-portraits in a steampunk style represents the 2019 visual communication of photography artist Kevin Millet aka Mkind.

The Silver Man. He traveled through centuries in search of Innocence. At the beginning of his quest his hair took on a silvery hue, and after a long succession of years, his entire body was immersed in it, making him insensitive to the ravages of time that crush the world. His new opalescent appearance brought him closer to the shade of the ancient heavens.

His gaze pierces the soul of all things to reveal its pure or impure essence. He carries colors deep in his eyes tired to have seen so much. He sometimes lets them flow as he pleases on his metallic mask, in memory of his human past. For a long time, he has become silver, a time traveler who wanders without rest, his carcass seems mechanized, he himself no longer knows what he is made of. He keeps what is left of his human being in his beating heart which is still moved by the sight of a simple flower, a spark of hope shining in him as a mild light, an emotion hidden under a silver body.

"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible."

-Oscar Wilde.


DA & Photographer | Kevin Millet @kevinmillet

& Arielle Côté @arielle.cote

Stylist | Marine Saussereau @marine_saussereau


📍Montreal, Quebec