T H E • A T R I U M

T H E • A T R I U M

The Atrium Collection was architecturally designed with tailored, sophisticated garments. Garments paying homage to the classic/vintage era of the 60s and 70s on the Ford Foundation Bridge in New York City. This collection pulls together colors such as... rich browns, a modern orange, chic greens, and hint of classic gray for a Modern Vintage Feel.

International Designer Justin Haynes is the CEO and Founder of JUS10H which specializes in Men’s, Women’s and Children’s wear. Justin’s Modern Vintage designs have been featured in local, national and international shows with models strutting on runways in his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts to Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, and Milan. This September, JUS10H was featured at COVERGIRL and advertised on Billboard in TimesSquare During NYFW. Justin received the 2019 National Fashion and Life Style award from the National Business Association, Best Female Ready To Wear Designer 2019, and was named as a “Natural Born Artist of 2019/2020” for his creative use of patchwork, pattern, color, and tailoring.


Fashion: @Theofficialjus10h 

Model: @powellogy101
Access: @saiges.muse
Model: @vanxssamarie
Photo: @daneytheman
Assistant: @Seung.interior
Model: @Iamstewelladaville
Model: @curtis_k_williams

📍Springfield, Massachusetts