Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

I created a Spring Renewal Project. This was the 11th year of my business. The Number 11 consisting of number 1 that appears twice and it is known that this number is a symbol of new beginnings and opportunities that are going to appear in front of you. This number is considered to be a symbol of high energy, intuition, enthusiasm and creative energy. We have been through one of the toughest years of our lives. Everyone has been through so very much with being in lockdowns, restrictions etc. I felt it was time to rebirth art. To renew women in a whole new way. Perhaps it was also time for me to renew my creative energy. In fact it has been long overdue. This project reminds me to keep authentically creating from my whole heart. To continue to inspire others. To allow transformation within my own art.


Photo: Elisha Weger @elishaandcompany

Hair: Jodie Zorn @beautybyjodiezorn

MUA: Face By Meagan @facebymeagan

Access: Rose And Vine Florals @roseandvineyqr

📍Regina, SK Canada