Geraldine Gambo, 19 years of age, born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Australia, She has an increased passion for fashion, beauty, modeling and identifying diversity amongst many cultures. Geraldine currently specializes in fashion modeling. Fashion to her is her identity, it represents freedom, it is timeless and never-ending. As a future model, she loves to be creative and would be thrilled if people around the world were able to identify her for who she is. With her passion for modeling, she chose to collaborate with the amazing photographer @Christinakphotography, to focus on both the beauty & fashion side of herself. With the photos portrayed, this is only just the beginning.


Photographer | Christina K. @christinakphotography

Model | Geraldine Gambo @geraldinegambo

MUA | Blessing Afangzi @blessing_afa

Hair | Amanita Madua @aminata.Madua


📍Sydney, Australia