"Moonshine editorial was inspired by a song, but it transformed into its own form as a living piece. I tried to achieve cold, moon-style lightning and feeling.

I'm a fresh graphic design graduate. In photography, I'm interested in fashion and portrait shoots. My main focus when I photograph is to achieve a certain atmosphere, a look, a feeling. My work is more about the unknown, the color, the mystery. Nostalgia, loneliness, and music play the most important role if it comes to my way of expressing myself." -Kornelia


Model - Angelika Sulkowska @angelicasulkowska

Claris Model Management @clarismodelmanagement

Photographer - Kornelia Konieczka @neliiel

Assistant and light - Justyna Cegła @justyna.cegla

Light - Nicko Stinghe @anothersidewalk

Stylist - Pete Wyszyński @petewyszynski

Make up - Zlata Semenichina @shine_o_n

Hair - Agata Szwajorek, Studio Synergia @frog_work

Studio WSK - @wskstudio Wardrobe

Dress Krystian Szymczak @kry_szy

Jewelry - Orska @orska_official

📍Poznań, Poland