Miss France

Miss France

Producer: Kseniia Pétrina @ksushapetrina

Photographer: Stanislav Stein @stanislav_stein

Model: Nadiya Karplyuk @angelnadiine


📍Dominican Republic


Nadiya is an International Model, Influencer and Forbes Contributor with a background in International Business from the University of Monaco.

As one of her biggest passions is Art and painting, she develops beautiful art projects in different countries as an Art Advisor and consultant, participate in global events such as Art Dubai and Art Monaco.

While also being a Forbes Monaco Contributor, Nadiya writes about Entrepreneurship, Art, Luxury Lifestyle, and interviews prominent businessman of the Principality.

Nadiya is a founder of an educational project Monaco Class, designed to teach the English language through most effective and time-saving methods and introduces learners to inspiring ideas that help them find their voice in English at each level of fluency, whether for personal or professional purposes.


Miss Multiverse - My experience (Nadiya)

Representing France at Miss Multiverse 2019 in the Dominican Republic and being awarded an honorable place of 3rd runner in the World has been a truly amazing experience! Although, I must admit, participation in a beauty competition like Miss Multiverse takes a lot of mental and physical energy.

Miss Multiverse is not a typical beauty pageant, where solely appearances and stage performance matters. It is first and foremost is personality contest with a goal to find a woman who can be an ideal representation of a modern version of femininity: strong both mentally and physically, confident, compassionate and ambitious.
Though-out the 3-week experience, like challenges, we had to hold political debates, complete IQ tests, perform in front of the audience, prove our physical strength in serious fitness competitions, raise funds for the charity to support local families in need. And this isn’t all! My team and I had to survive on a deserted island, build shelter and sourced food by ourselves. As part of another challenge, I have managed to learn surfing just under 20 min, without ever trying it before! :)
With each challenge, we had to push ourselves
beyond our preconceived “limitations” by engaging in totally new experiences and, as a result, it helped me excel myself, broaden my existing capabilities and discover new ones, of which I had no idea before.

I realized, that a spirit of constant self-challenge keeps you humble and open to new ideas that very well may be better than the ones you currently hold dear. With this experience, Miss Multiverse taught me the importance of sicking and creating challenges for yourself and showed me the benefits of overcoming them, as necessary steps in your personal self-development journey of recognizing who you are and who you want to become. The outcome made me feel very proud of myself and inspired me tremendously.

But of course, apart from the challenges, I had the chance to discover the Dominican Republic for the first time in my life, with its breathtaking nature, most clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, delicious freshest fruits, amazing music, and kindest people.

One of the most extraordinary places that I have ever been to was Dominican Tree House Village, located in the heart of the Caribbean rainforest, where we spent a few days in the middle of the jungle. Just imagine: no
cellphone coverage, no wifi, just hearing exotic birds singing and the sound of waterfalls around. A place where you can genuinely connect with nature.

If I were to draw the main lesson learned from my Miss Multiverse experience, it would be a proof of a timeless wisdom: if you want to achieve great results, the only competition you should care about is YOURSELF, and that challenging yourself in ways that you haven’t before is a VITAL ingredient in the process of discovering your true
potential and becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be.