Lover of the Light

Lover of the Light

My team and I are creatives from Toronto, Canada - we regularly shoot together since we're passionate and ambitious about our craft and support each other in our journey.

This concept was originally planned to be shot outdoors, in an old vintage car. The idea was to have a California vibe, a bit vintage, and with attitude. We ended up renting a studio last minute due to a thunderstorm forecast.

I mainly focused on shooting near the windows since the natural light and big windows created a nostalgic and soft feeling that was suitable for our shoot. A nostalgia for warmer sunny days; for days when things go as planned! I started the story with our model looking out the window, waiting out the storm; and we ended the story the same way.


Photo & AD: Serena Mola @serenamolaaaaa
MUA: Taylor Chousky @taylorchousky
Wardrobe Stylist: Kahmeelia Smith @citylightsxox
Model: Stephanie Mitchell
Agency: Ducledo Models @dulcedomodels

📍Toronto, Canada