Le Feulliage

Le Feulliage

Originally from the French countryside, Mathieu succeeded in several different professional experiences before discovering his true passion for acting and modeling. Mathieu has now been a full-time working actor and model since 2012 and resides in Los Angeles.

Mathieu is extremely well-traveled and has had the pleasure of meeting all types of people from a variety of cultures. His deep interest in people, personalities, and backgrounds helps him to connect with everyone he meets and inspires him to portray a variety of characters. Mathieu has a passion for teamwork and prides himself on providing a great experience for everyone he works with. He's incredibly grateful everyday to live a life he loves, and to have people around him who support and believe in him.

Frank is a multifaceted creator & dreamer, coming from a culturally diverse background (Taiwanese-Canadian in the City of Angels) with appreciation for design & imagery. While being heavily intrigued by emotional & functional design, he is also a lover of photography and videography, as they are the ultimate medium to capture culture, emotion, and history. Oh, and he rides a motorcycle from the 70's and finds inspiration while being in the road.


Model: Mathieu Szymkowiak @mat_szymko

Photographer: Frank Tsai @frvnk

Wardrobe: Coat: West Louis, Sweater: French Connection, Denim Pants: Fidelity, Boots: Public Opinion, Sherpa Jacket: Nautica

📍Los Angeles, CA