Just Herself

Just Herself

This was the second time that I shot with Pilar. In our first meeting, everything was prepared, the ideas were clear and we both knew what to do. It was boring. So the aim of this shooting was totally the opposite, I just wanted to capture the real Pilar, the natural one, in her house, the most comfortable place for her, with no complexes, just showing her pure spirit.

My name is Jorge, and I was born in Madrid 25 years ago. For five years the portrait photography is my passion and the natural light my work tool. What moves me to keep improving is the need to portray the souls' feelings among the world with no lies and no fakes, just the truth in every moment, letting the models do what they do the best, I am only there to print the time.


Photographer: Jorge Redondo García @jeostramp

Model: Pilar Magro Nogales @pilarmmnn


 📍Madrid, Spain