What gear do I need to start a Youtube channel?

What gear do I need to start a Youtube channel?

Starting a youtube channel can be challenging and with so many options and videos telling you so many different things, it's time we set the record straight with what equipment you actually need to get started. 

Realistically anybody can start a youtube channel with just about anything if you don't care about quality. 

If you are like us and love to put out content that looks crisp, where you don't look orange in your room or like hearing your neighbor's lawnmower, we got you. 

The first thing you need is a way to film your video, any recent smartphone created has more than enough power to start recording video as long as it has space. 

However, if you are looking for a dedicated camera to start recording yourself teaching or posing or doing whatever you want to do we do have a solid recommendation.  

The Canon g7x is the go-to for many people and after testing it we couldn't back it enough. We love how small and compact it is and also has fantastic audio and video performance. For entry but serious content creators, this is a great idea. 

For those who need a step up, we recommend the Sony a6400 with its flip screen, external audio and interchangeable lenses. More on these cameras in our top 5 vlog cameras article.

Next, you need audio to fix that echo or outside noise, you never wanted anyway.  The thing with audio devices is that there are so many of them all over and it's hard to find good ones. For a cheaper and high-quality solution, we recommend the rode video micro, the tiny brother of the pro model but also a fraction of the cost. This little guy allows you to mount to the top of your camera with an external mic jack. this partnered with the Sony A6400 works wonders for filmmaking. 

Last would be lighting, ring lights are not just for makeup tutorials friends. Ring lights with a proper cover over them can make for excellent lighting for any kind of video and get rid of that orange glow you get when filming in your bedroom. I've used these when I first started creating videos and I still have my ring light from Newer that I got off amazon for under $100. 

All of these will allow you to create outstanding videos with perfect quality allowing you to be proud of what you create and not look weird (or feel weird). Be sure to pick up or have a tripod as well since placing your camera on uneven or odd surfaces could damage or make it fall. 


Best of luck out there! 





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