Top 3 cameras for vlogging and content creating on the go!

Top 3 cameras for vlogging and content creating on the go!

Creating content on the go is always challenging with large DSLR cameras. Luckily we have done some testing and narrowed down the best cameras that are compact, produce high-quality video and won't cost you loads of money. 


Canon G7x Mk II 

Price: $649.99

This canon has been the go-to camera for us at the office, recording content on the go an having a small form factor are huge bonuses. While some might not like the fact it does not have 4k recording we think that is a small con for the quality and durability of this camera. As with most vlogging cameras, it has all the bells and whistles you would need to produce quality content such as a flip screen, good battery life, snappy autofocus, and a touch screen.

PRO: flip screen, decent price, great quality and easy to use!

CON: No 4k or 120 fps

Sony Rx100

Price: $1,198.00

The Rx100 has been the main rival to the G7x in terms of compact point and shoot cameras. This camera is able to do everything the G7x does, however, includes 120 fps and 4k recording as well however it is time-limited. The Rx100 also has a useful flip screen and powerful Zeiss lens. The only downside of this camera with all the functions it also costs twice as much as the canon counterpart. 

PRO: Flip screen, 4k recording, slow-motion recording, Zeiss lens, low profile. 

CON: Expensive

Sony a6400

Price: $898.00

While this is the bigger of the two cameras, the Sony a6000 series has been a very reliable and strong camera capable of competing with top-level professional cameras with its ability to use a variety of premium lenses. While the a6300 was an outstanding camera and a go-to for many vloggers, it was missing a key component. The Flip screen. This newest family member the a6400 contains the flip screen that everybody asked for, making it an incredibly versatile video and photo camera. 

PRO: Interchangeable lenses, Flip screen, high MP count, great for photo and video. 

CON: Bigger body, limited 4k recording time, not the best battery life for video.




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