Our Favourite Lens for Videography

Our Favourite Lens for Videography

For those looking for a high-quality lens at a fantastic price and excellent build quality, we have found the lens for you. 


Price: $799

The Sigma 18-35mm has the ability to zoom in and out while maintaining an incredibly fast aperture of 1.8 throughout the focal lengths. 

If you want a lens that you can place on your camera and have on all day this would be the one, as it acts well for both video and portrait photography. The versatility of the 18mm to the 35mm focal length ads the ability to pack less and not change lenses so often. 

While this lens seems to be flawless we do have some rather bad news for those who like to pack lightly. The lens is quite heavy, at almost 2 lbs the lens is quite the workout when doing long shooting days or mixed photo/video shooting. 

Keep in mind that the lens is built for crop sensors so full frame users will not be able to take full advantage of the lens. 


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