Creative ways to set up your photography studio at home.

Creative ways to set up your photography studio at home.

“Setting up your studio near natural light is also an awesome idea when thinking about creating your space.”

 In the photography business, finding that ideal space to work with clients is sometimes challenging either because of availability or cost to rent the space. Imagine being able to create that personalized space at home at a fraction of the cost. 


Here are some tips for creating a home studio.

First, you’ll need to consider if you have a permanent or semi-permanent space.  A permanent space such as a den, spare room, garage or a garden shed is an ideal place to set up your studio.  However, some of us don’t have the luxury of having extra space, then you’ll have to consider a semi-permanent space.  One in which you have a quick set up and tear down the process for your equipment.  Also, you’ll need to consider the size of the space.  Having a space with at least 15 feet of depth will allow you to use your zoom lenses and position yourself without distorting your images.  If you don’t need zoom lenses then a smaller space will do.



Setting up your studio near natural light is also a great idea when thinking about creating your space. Having natural light that isn’t direct sunlight can make your life a little easier and your arms will thank you for not having to take out your full lighting set up for every session.  Also, keep in mind to have at least 3 feet or so of distance between your model and the window/natural light to get the most softness. And if needed, you can cover the window to eliminate the light from interfering with your shoot.


Once you have an idea of the space and where you will end up setting up your new-found studio, you will need to determine what products you will need. The most basic but also one of the most important items will be your backdrop. You can usually find a backdrop paper on amazon. This will give you a variety of different backgrounds to shoot in your space. These can come in many different sizes and you can be the judge of how big or how small of a backdrop you will need.



Next are the lights, the most important part of your kit. Having a handful of basic lights such as softboxes or ring lights will get you going on the right foot when starting to build your studio set up.  Once you get the hang of using the basics, you can look at getting more higher-end equipment to develop your career in studio photography.  Another thing to consider is creating a box of props. This is a great way to push your photography further.  This may include clothing, footwear, umbrellas, chairs, sunglasses, cameras, fans or anything else you can think of!  A great way to start your collection is to visit local flea markets, garage sales or vintage clothing stores.  These are excellent ways to build your prop box.  Also bringing in elements of nature can help with creating a more natural shoot such as flowers, twigs or driftwood. 


We hope these tips have helped you when considering building your home studio.  The most important thing is to be creative and willing to try different things.



Have a semi or permanent home studio? Let us know through social media.  We would love to share with the Creative Community what you have found most useful in creating your space.



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