Apples new Mac Pro costs the same as a new car.

Apples new Mac Pro costs the same as a new car.

WWDC 2019 just happened and my oh my there were surprises. Nobody anticipated a Mac Pro refresh and for it to look like a cheese grater (an expensive one).
Many Mac users have been asking for an easily configurable system that would outperform the MacBook Pro series. It turns out after we got the numbers on the system and the spec sheet for the MAC PRO it was clear it was one of the most powerful desktop solutions on the market but the costs would be outrageous.

For the base model MAC PRO which has an 8 core setup similar to what you would find in the Pro laptop line apple released in late 2018, you would be paying upwards of $6000 for the computer and another $5000 for the XDR monitor... this does not come with a monitor stand, that will cost you another $1000. *This is the base model keep in mind*

After looking into the system further it seems the MAC will have the ability to have a top of the line version that boasts a record-breaking
AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo – which features two Vega II GPUs for a total of 64GB of memory (don't worry you can add a second one for up to 128GB of video memory)

Ram? Well, the Mac Pro supports six-channel memory and comes with 12 slots, which allows you to install up to 1.5TB of RAM with the ability to upgrade a 4TB SSD just in case you need that space.

Rumors have it that the fully loaded version of this computer will exit our solar system and sit beyond the reaches of sanity to the tune of $35,000 USD for our Canadian readers that turns into $50,000 CAD without tax and without an XDR monitor and stand for said monitor.

You could buy a new Tesla with that money, or a hyper-powered cheese grater that as we have confirmed does not grate cheese.

For those who edit cinema level films and this is their full-time job and they require the best fo the best, we've heard this is a bit of a steal especially for the XDR Monitor. But for the rest of us making dog videos on iMovie with their MacBook Air, we're out (or maybe that's just me, probably just me).

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