What is Creators Magazine?

What is Creators Magazine?

One of the biggest questions we are always asked is, "What is your magazine about and how is it different than any other magazine?"

If you are a creative you know someone will always ask what makes you different than another person in your industry.

We thought about this from day one. How we could make an impact in the magazine industry and what makes us different?

Many Magazine companies are built in a way where they release a handful of issues, sell as many ads as they can fit within a magazine and then mass produce copies. Most magazines are built for the products, not the content.

Our method works like this: We are advocates for uniqueness and creativity crediting all those who have dedicated time to create amazing art.

We create 24 issues per year, manually search social media platforms to find talented creatives that we feel would be a great match for the magazine, review their submission and publish them. We use the magazine sales to produce an income for the team and to allow us to work on this full time with extremely limited ads within our magazine.

We don't end there.

Since we are considered an indie magazine (with an incredibly small team) we are able to spend all of our time and effort into meeting with marketing and talent agencies around the world and use our magazine to create connections for our published creatives.

As for the content we produce, we reach out to our creators community. We want to provide useful blogs and articles that benefit the creative and help them grow their business. This may be marketing advice, how to get started and interviews with industry professionals and their stories.

What are some future milestones you are looking to achieve?

We have a few goals for Creators Magazine, one of them potentially our biggest and most ambitious goals is having global creator meetups. Private events for local creatives around the world where we bring in top talents to educate in the evening and collaborate & content create during the day. Another goal we actively push for is to create industry connections, we send all of the work that gets published in our magazines to agencies all over the world in order to show the talents they can contact for jobs, events, freelance etc...

Think of us as a freelance talent agency and magazine focused on the creative rather than a product. Where our true point of this giant project is to get the inspiring creative pursuing their passion full time and start creating a career out of it.

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