The Endless Dance with Less, in Pursuit of More (PART.1)

The Endless Dance with Less, in Pursuit of More (PART.1)

had a dream I got everything I wanted.  Not what you’d think. And if I’m being honest. It might have been a nightmare to anyone who might care.”


“Everything I Wanted”

~ Billie Eilish





I was jolted into this mornings’ mess, vaguely aware of the blithering negotiations made with my snooze button, now decimated into concave, fractured plastic.   I was sleep-deprived, with a mere 240 minutes (4 hours) in my tattered, retro fanny pack.  My slumber had been hijacked by the intense fear of “failure to rise”, leaving me in a stupor, and late, again.


There was little time to morph into the best version of me, an elusive daily goal.  There were no minutes to ease, with intention, into my morning, focussed on a never-ending “to do” list served with a plethora of eye-roll's, endless appointments.  Little opportunity was available to vet the noise from my mind, of which was responsible, for ensuring important, best decisions were made.  Absent was the time for the basics essential for propelling me from point A to B, at the ready to anticipate and adjust to the unexpected.  There was no time for reflection, introspection, recalling the wonderment of yesterday’s lessons, adventures, nor goal setting.  Time was elusive for a loving pause or cuddle with my loyal fur friend, now having to settle for less than promised. There was time for but a glance in my significant other’s direction with words meant to make up for my non-present self.   I had just enough time to throw on my first grab from a war-zone closet, clutch all things necessary, and discharge myself into the day’s commitments.  I would pretend to be present, refreshed, excited, interested and eager.   I was a busy person and therefore, I existed daily, mindlessly, in a blurred version of my life.


However, there existed the possibility of more, if only we were willing to cohabitate with less.




IMAGINE MORE            

Imagine a life with more… restorative sleep, time to meditate, white space/silence to process your thoughts & emotions, and be one with stillness to savour the present.  More time to move/exercise, more time to breathe, more time to forge cherished relationships with friends you’ve knighted to your “inner rings of Saturn”, more time to reminisce with kinfolk, lost in the art of storytelling, more time to explore, more time to experience the elusive belly laugh, more time to give, share, help, volunteer, more time for play, getting acquainted with your inner child who finds delight in the creation of a blanket fort, more time to pay it forward, more time to discover wonderful, imperfect, unique you… - More



Imagine a life with less… less internal and external distractions, less noise, less analyzing, ruminating, less anxiety & stress, less wastefulness, less just-in-case of the Zombie Apocalypse.  Envision less wasted energy, less scrolling, less decision making, less perpetual exhaustion, and less saturated in stuff.


Now imagine the additional benefits of having more (building upon the “Imagine More” content).   Imagine more time to truly care for yourself, with a daily ritual of self-investment into a healthier, feel-good version of you. Consider the possibility of sporting a healthier image of yourself, inside out.  Imagine more time for cultivating your passion, with the Creative in you at the forefront.  Imagine more in favour of growth, and the pursuit to surpass your self-imposed limits.  Consider the evolution of your “fierce self” fuelled by the presence of challenges, and excited by those on the horizon, of which will become ingredients into the continued transformation of self. – Less and yet, More…



The decision to pursue “Less”, in favour of “More” is deeply personal, and requires persistent, meaningful effort.  Armed with a healthy dose of courage & conviction, the opportunity to cultivate that which excites/ignites you is present.   As a result, there is the potential for growth which may in turn, motivate you to spread your wings well beyond the confines of your imagination.  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford


Love people and use things because the opposite never works.”


~ The Minimalists:  Joshua Fields

Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus




Written by: C.J. Crooks

Senior Creative Freelance Writer

& G.G. Grande

Senior Research & Content Writer


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