Our Story.

Our Story.


Founded in July 2018 by Alicia Maclaren, Creators started locally in Victoria, BC, and is growing into an international community. Creators Magazine gives the opportunity to those who are looking to expose themselves and their creative art to the world. We publish work from talented individuals from around the world and are always looking for fresh new creatives wanting to make a name for themselves. We are a Magazine for the creative and artistic mind.


For future publications or online exposure, Please submit your creative work after reading our Guidelines-https://kavyar.com/creators-magazine !


Creators Magazine is an international magazine and we are available for purchase to everyone worldwide. Creators Magazine is available for purchase on our website- https://creatorsmag.com/collections/issues . From there you will have the option to purchase a Digital copy of Creators Magazine or a Print copy, or both! ps. We do not provide free copy’s. Creators Magazine is a Print on demand Magazine that is sold globally through a third party.


We are highly active on our social media accounts and are always featuring Creative individuals on our Instagram and Facebook page! Be Sure to keep updated and use our Hashtag #Creatorsmagz for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!


We are working hard to create a Global community where Creatives around the world can connect with one another. Our purpose is to encourage collaboration and an environment to learning tips and tricks to help the creative individual develop and grow! If you are a Photographer, Model, Entrepreneur, Artist, Videographer, Hair/Makeup Artist, etc Please consider joining our group Creators Connected - www.facebook.com/groups/163179331061122/


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