Our Favorite Everyday Carry For Creatives (Video)

Our Favorite Everyday Carry For Creatives (Video)

We've been asked many times what we bring with us as designers and creatives. Today we're going to go through all the items we usually carry on a day to day basis.

My Everyday Carry | 2019 Creators Edition from Creators Magazine on Vimeo.

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The Backpack:
I've personally tried an ungodly amount of backpacks to find what would work best for my everyday equipment. I've wanted to have a backpack that is both efficient and has lots of utility and purpose while also having a sleek and thin design.

We ended up finding our perfect backpack from Bellroy, who was nice enough to supply us with their Studio Backpack. A sleek, low profile backpack with an abundance of pockets and accessory pouches for everything you need. We were able to fit our camera, portable power bank, 15-inch MacBook Pro, wallet, keys, folio case, headphones, notebook and laptop charger.

One of the biggest downfalls in most backpacks is the lack of support in the back wall that sits alongside your pack, the importance of this is that without a backbone in your backpack it becomes very challenging to place things inside it as your bag won't hold its form. With the studio backpack, it was designed with quite a bit of support so you won't have issues with it compressing or losing shape.

Next, we have the equipment we carry.

MacBook Pro 15 inch :

To be designing a magazine from scratch every month we needed a top of the line laptop that has the power to alter and edit a 150-page photo mag with large image sizes. This matched with the iPhone XS Max, allowed us to quickly Airdrop files from one device to another to make content development extremely fast and efficient.

Portable Power bank:

Because we use a MacBook with USB-C we are able to use an external bank to supply power to the laptop as an emergency charger but also allows us to supply many charges to our cell phones during the day if we go overboard with posting and mobile content creation.

Headphones: As we are Apple power users we do have Airpods with us at all times, However as an Audiophile myself I do enjoy having my Audio Technica headphones for listening to music and video editing.

Wallet and Folio Case: For our Wallets, we have the Bellroy Note Sleeve, a Wallet while always thin and slim also has a built-in RFID for that added level of security. Our folio case for our Ipad and work use we have the Bellroy A5 Folio.  


This is our every day carry!  

Huge thank you to everyone involved in making this project come to life. 

Videography: @Nickduek

Models: @courtney.bone & @tyler_rozendal

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