3 tips to stay focused while working from home.

3 tips to stay focused while working from home.

I've been working from home full time for the last 3 years and I've learned quite a few helpful tricks to cage my sporadic and non-list oriented brain. Some people are built to knock out to do lists like it's their job, but others are not. Here are my top 3 tips to cover your bases and get all your work done while at home. 

1. Your workspace is your temple.

Having a professional and clean workspace set up is incredibly important for your productivity. Get rid of all clutter on your desk or workspace to alleviate potential stressed or something that may trigger that OCD you love so much. 

Over the next few days keep an idea set of what you enjoy about your workspace and what you need to add to it. Just don't try to get into the habit of adding so much to your desk it looks like a souvenir shop. 

Having a bulletin board or cork board near your desk might also help with pinning important things or keeping a reminder of major due dates approaching. 

2. Set a time frame for home chores. 

As we usually get preoccupied with things within our home it should be one of the first things you tackle every day. Not saying you will have to do the same things every day but if you know you have laundry or a big cleaning to do today then make sure you set yourself 30 minutes to 1 hour for your home chores each day and schedule in between actual work episodes. 

Doing this stops you from worrying about it and keeps you in the mindset of "I'll get to this later when I'm scheduled" instead of mindless jumping around the house and eventually burning through your day because you wanted to clean every spot in your house until it shines like that neighbor's car they clean three times a day.

3. Taking breaks is a good thing

Break times are important from remote work culture. They allow you to recombobulate yourself for a bit and wind down from getting too frustrated with your rewrites or emails coming in. Try to position your breaks as 30-minute segments between a few hours of hard working and hustling. 

We are all about the Hustle mentality but do it with purpose and don't just pointlessly do extra things to burn yourself out too quick! 








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