Creator Sessions: Photographer Igor Iden

Creator Sessions: Photographer Igor Iden

Punky Feel


I’ve been working as a freelance fashion photographer for nearly 2 years. My creative vision is always influenced by what happens in reality and things that are going on in society and lifestyle. Also, there are big inspirational sources for me that refer to ways of self-expression and self-acceptance. It helps me to make some of my works edgier and much more urgent than ever.



Q. We love how you build emotion in your photos, any tips on how one would start building emotion in their own photos?


Emotion doesn’t come just from the eyes and the face, our bodies are a vital part of the emotional story. The way we place our hands, our heads, the ‘shape we create with our body’, how we sit and the movement of our body tells its own story. If your body is tense, the camera sees it.


I am a fan of all emotion, it can be happiness, joy, frustration, questioning, fear, what is important is that in an image there is real ‘connection’ and this comes through in the photo. Our job as a photographer is to create this connection, it isn’t enough to have a pretty photo with nice light and nice composition and a dead subject!


So if your subject is paralyzed with fear or doesn’t know how to pose (who does) then YOU dear photographer need to charm them, to put them at ease, make the experience fun and have a secret booty of poses that will make anyone look good. Think about an appropriate emotion that will give strength to the story you want to tell.


I always talk with my subjects before whipping out the camera. I ask my subject to do something ‘as an action’ so they are occupied and I have the chance of getting a natural-looking shot. I ask them to do it over again until I have what I want.


Recently I started loving when the person I am shooting suggests something, you never know what might happen. Tips on how one would start building emotion in their own photos: Build trust, speak with your characters before the shoot and listen to their ideas.


Q. What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

My favorite thing about being a photographer is the ability to see wonders in some things that other people can easily miss.


Q. Tell us about a moment where you felt most creative and inspired while shooting!

It was during one of the editorial shootings when we spent like 8 hours at the location that we all fell in love with, so even when it got darker we proceeded with the shooting till late at night.



Photographer: Igor Iden @idenph_oficcial

Assistant: Dmitriy Chumakov @dmitriy__chumakov

Stylist: Taya Koval @koval_taya

MUA: Tonya Filatova @tonifilatov

Hair: Galina Kachalova

Model: Mary @marymay.o

Agency: IQ Models @iqmodelsmoscow

📍Moscow, Russia