Creator Sessions: Influencer Kylie Katich, The girl that fought for her dreams and made them HAPPEN

Creator Sessions: Influencer Kylie Katich, The girl that fought for her dreams and made them HAPPEN



Hi! It’s me, Kylie, your IG friend! I’m an enthusiastic girl who decided to take the leap into the world of content creation less than a year ago. I believe in creating the life you LOVE and sharing it with others. I love sharing my Jesus-look-alike husband, travel adventures, photography tips and my self diagnosed popcorn addiction with you.



Q. What inspired you to become a creative and start your influencing career?

There’s nothing I love more than creating and challenging myself to think outside the box. My first love has always been photography. I love capturing movement, light and unique perspectives. This snowballed into my influencing career when I realize how much fun I had pushing boundaries in front of the lens as well.


Q. Tell us about a typical day for Kylie Katich!

Before Alex leaves to work, he leaves chocolate in the bed for me (like he’s feeding a dog before he leaves lol). I eat chocolate, make coffee and get to work. Usually, it’s mostly computer work. I answer emails, edit photos, plan content and brainstorm ideas for upcoming content. If I’m lucky, my day includes shooting at some point, even if it’s by myself with my tripod. 



Q. What do you find to be some of the biggest challenges when creating fresh content?

It’s difficult for me to think of ideas I haven’t seen before. Occasionally, I have to unplug and NOT look at inspiring content. I hate getting into workflows that feel repetitive because I believe there is no greater feeling than capturing something unlike anything you’ve seen before. Euphoric!


Q. How would you describe your style?

Preppy with an edgy twist. (Example: flowy dress with movement... paired with a pair of Dr. Martens)



Q. What motivates you to keep creating unique content?

The rush I get when I create something I’m truly proud of. I love pushing myself creatively with photography techniques and posing in front of the camera at the same time. When I’m in a flow and things are clicking, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. 


Q. What do you love most about the industry and growing as a creative?

I love the people. It sounds cliche, but I’ve truly met my people in this industry. My greatest friends, and most special confidants, came to me through growing as a creative. We understand each other on another level and we care for each other. 




Q. Tell us why you are unique and what makes you different from other influencers?

I believe my photography perspective, editing style and videos set me apart from other influencers! 


Q. How often do you book partnerships where you travel? And are those your favorite?

I love traveling! That’s by far one of my favorite parts of this job. If I could travel for every partnership, I would. 



Q. What comes next for Kylie Katich, where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

Travel. I want to see the world with Alex! 


Q. What was it like building your business from scratch?

REWARDING AS HELL... but exhausting. It’s been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do emotionally. When you’re building a business, it becomes your BABY. It becomes your life. And when YOU literally ARE your business, it hurts when things feel like they aren’t going right. It’s been challenging learning how to separate work and ME. But damn when you see your baby thriving, and you think about all the countless hours of work that got you there, it’s insanely rewarding. 



Q. What advice do you have for Creators interested in growing their social media?

The quickest way to fail is to try to be like someone else. 


Q. How do you want your audience to remember you by?

Of course, I hope they remember my work, but mostly I hope they remember ME. I hope they remember the time I messaged them to help them edit a photo or the time I got on FaceTime to help them install photoshop. 



Q. We adore your fun and creative feed! How do you plan, create, and execute each project?

1/2 of my feed I plan far in advance (about 2 weeks) and the other 1/2 is spontaneous. Having a healthy mix helps me feel in control but also leaves room for bursts of creativity without any rhyme or reason. Aubrie Mooso (my videographer) and Alex Katich (my husband and photographer) help me with all of it. I couldn’t do it without them.


Q. For those that are just discovering your content, can you give us some insight as to what we will be seeing in 2020?

TRAVEL, EDUCATION AND VLOGGING! Get ready to see the world with me and I hope I can inspire you to create the life you love.



Model/Influencer: Kylie Katich @kyliekatich

Photographer: Alex Katich @alexkatich

📍Los Angeles, California