Creator Sessions: COVER STORY with Multi-Talented Creator Pariya Samadi

Creator Sessions: COVER STORY with Multi-Talented Creator Pariya Samadi


Stylist/ Model/ Designer FEATURED IN MINIMAL | VOL.3 | ISSUE.3

My name is Pariya M.Samadi and I am a PHD graduate in Pharmaceutical Microbiology. I am 29 years old. Because of my interest in Fashion, I have passed several courses in Fashion design and styling. Moreover, I am still trying to improve myself in Modeling. 

My work (as a designer, stylist and model) was published in several known fashion magazines and I also have publications that include 2 books and 2 ISI Scientific articles (regarding pharmacy, cancer, vaccines, and Probiotics). Also, I can speak several languages.




Q. You’re a multi-talented creator, how do you balance your busy schedule?

I tend to allocate 3 days of my week to pharmaceutical activities and the rest of the week to designing clothes and preparing styles (details of styles such as accessories for the project of that week).


Q. What makes you so passionate about styling and design?

Styling and design have always been an important part of my life and after graduating I managed to pursue them more closely. I must say, I have always been fascinated by Fashion.




Q. What was your vision for the “Lost in the Sands” story?

When the Sands was chosen as our location, I tried to design and style in a matching way to the color of sands and the wind (I always try to match every single detail) in order to make the sense of infinity and  freedom bolder. Here I want to say thank you to my talented photographer Mehdi Esmaili for his amazing ideas and photos.


Q. How did you find your unique style?

To me, having a unique style is more of a personal taste.  Besides, I have always found icons with similar tastes to mine to be inspiring. Plus, I am still trying to learn more day by day.




Q. What has been one of the most challenging parts of your journey as a creator?

The beginning of my journey was the most challenging part as I had to prove myself to the professionals who I wanted to work with and win their trust.


Q. At what moment did you feel most proud of yourself?

Despite all the problems during these last 3 years such as my mother’s cancer, being heartbroken, and some family issues, I picked myself up. I Graduated, I lost 20kgs in weight! I kept on trying to follow my dreams. Now all the problems are solved and I’m proud of myself for not giving up.  *Maybe someday I can tell the story of my life to inspire all girls! I should say thank you to my family, the kindest and supportive family, in the world.




Q. Tell us about the inspiration behind your designs.

As my collection contains a wide variety of different types of clothes, there is not one single inspiration behind my work but I try to be more inspired by Avant-garde styles.


Q. What made you start your gorgeous luxury Fashion brand?

I always wanted to have my own brand with my unique style and the requests and eagerness received from social media, friends, and my wonderful family gave me the audacity to start my brand.




Q. How long does it take to create a full Fashion look?

My head is always filled with many ideas so I exactly know what I want. While I’m working I consider all aspects of the concept. Actually, for each photoshoot (up to 3 looks), it requires almost 10 - 14 days for designing a suitable dress and having my team sew it.


Q. What are your plans for your business/brand in 2-3 years?

I hope to make my brand known to the world by holding several catwalks. I also wish for having more branches in different countries and seeing my designs on celebrities.




Q. What advice do you have for a beginner stylist wanting to create multiple looks?

I suggest that they pass the academic courses and follow the professional stylists but not copying them. Since there is no limit to the world of fashion, I advise them to have their own taste in what they design. Be creative and don’t be afraid of being different and keep in mind that being rejected at the beginning of your career path is a part of this job.


Q. When modeling how do you create such freeing and effortless movement? Do you have any tips for beginner models?

At first, I found it quite challenging to pose perfectly but as time went by, I tried to watch many tutorials in that area to improve myself and learn more from professionals such as Coco Rocha model camp. I advise them to know their body and after a while, by seeing their photos and gaining more experience they can fix problems and do well.  I should say my couple model in The sands was one of the best models.



Stylist/Model/Fashion Designer: Pariya Samadi @its.pariyaa

Photographer: Mehdi Esmaeili @Mehdiesmaeili_photographer

MUA:  Maral Bidarbakht @aralemaa

Model: Arezou Hesari @Wiiishii

Access: Mersedeh Mahdian Rad


📍Perth, Australia