Learning from a Self Made ICON: Danielle Bernstein

Learning from a Self Made ICON: Danielle Bernstein

“She's one of the most well-known and successful media stars in the influencer world. ”


You’ve probably heard the term Iconic thrown around quite a bit over your day to day life, but who, as a creator has become an icon while pursuing their creative passion to the fullest? From starting with nothing and no platform to building an incredible empire for themselves, who has actually made it happen?

The answer is thousands if not more, of people who have shaped their industries just by being themselves and wanting to create something their way. While we can’t go through every one of them we would like to talk about one creator who truly stood out to us over the past few years.


Danielle Bernstein



Danielle has always had a large part of my heart. Being someone who actually read her original blog, this was before her Instagram come up, she was always reporting on styles she loved and new trends she found in the industry. Watching someone start dabbling in blogging quickly adjusting to turn the side hobby into a career is incredibly challenging as it imposes a lot of self-doubt in the early stages.



Her smartest decision was when she jumped onto Instagram. She was on as soon as it showed up and didn’t treat it like everyone else did. While everyone was filtering selfies and posting random photos, Danielle treated it as a business. Because of this decision, her posts acted more like a daily outfit inspiration and blog rather than a collection of life images. She made it work and eventually that paid off, being an early adopter of the platform gave her a boost in her niche and at this point, her blog was returning a profit from ad space and sponsored blog posts.



The real reason Danielle became iconic was not that she was fast at adopting new platforms nor was it that she had millions of followers. It was her business savvy attitude and decisions. She had gone from blogger to business mogul within a few years. She had created one of the most sought after brands in the Influencer generation, crafting the brand “Second Skin” overalls and furthermore developing her own swim line. It’s one thing to import tee shirts and put a label on them but Danielle goes behind the scenes on everything she does, allowing her followers to be there every step of the way, from concept to design to material choice, this was not a simple fast-fashion business, these were designed by her from the ground up. Her designs garnered so much attention it seemed that every “it girl” on social media was obsessing over them and she was selling out faster than she could produce.



This led her to the expansion of her teams and realizing there was another group of people who needed her help. Influencers needed project management software and as she had already been through it all, she knew how she was going to make it better than anyone else. 


Enter MOE, Danielle’s brainchild software company that ended up pulling in over a million dollars in funding and launched at a breakneck pace. She wanted something done and she wanted it done right, so she became a tech startup owner and she now has a full team working on MOE to become the best project management software for Influencers.


It takes a lot to become an ICON or to be ICONIC but without a shadow of a doubt, I would give this powerhouse the title any day of the week. Changing the way people perceive influencers and breaking into a male-dominated tech industry to flex her business prowess. It’s no wonder she got slotted herself a spot in Forbes 30 under 30.

Danielle Bernstein

Creator & Designer @daniellebernstein
Founder & Designer @shopweworewhat
Founder & CEO @moeassist


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