Influencing and Brand deals

Influencing and Brand deals

By 2020 influencer marketing will account for 5-10 Billion (With a B) of global ad spend of major retailers and brands around the world. 2018 was the beginning stages of influencer marketing, where companies realized the attention of the new audiences were on influencers not on TV Adverts.

You may be thinking about starting to work with brands if you are wanting to become an influencer. Brands are more than happy to work with influencers around the world to start helping promote their products but there is one problem…

Both the influencer and the brand are thinking one will reach out to the other with an offer. Rarely will a business extend the offer to send you product or payment, unless you have a large and well-engaged audience and you have worked with other brands.

So if you are just starting to become an influencer and want more contracts with brands it is up to you to find them and let them know you would love to help promote their brand as it aligns with your audience.

What do the brands care about? 

They care about the Engagement rate (2-8% being optimal) primarily and the number of legitimate followers you have.

If you have loaded your social platforms with fake followers you will have a tough time because it’s never been easier to see that you have inflated numbers. Brands are becoming more aware and educated so be wary.

How do I find them?

Great question!

You should actively be looking for other influencers who are in your niche and who are currently working with those brands. Find those brands reach out to them and follow the hashtags they use in their posts because other businesses in those fields use them as well!

Another great way is by joining Facebook groups for influencers and brands. These groups are underused in my opinion and can give you a great runway to start gathering clients.

It starts slowly but once you reach several brand deals you become instantly more appealing to other brands that are watching what their competitors are doing.

You see the best way to grow is to think like your client and follow them!

Be where they are watching (Competitors Instagrams and stories).

For those influencing on youtube be sure to reach out to the brands directly that are sending a product too similar size channels as you!

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