How to get published in a Magazine.

How to get published in a Magazine.

Photographer | Jan Galvan
Model |  Shae Liang

The one question that keeps coming up is how to get featured in a magazine. Now, this article applies to anybody submitting to any magazine. The routine is usually the same and you won't have a hard time following it.

The first thing to do when looking at getting published for your first time is not to take a bunch of pictures from one photoshoot and submit them to a bunch of different magazines and hope you get in. This may work, but you can do better.

Take your time looking through magazines you have seen online, find one that matches what you believe in and your style (try to get your hands on a digital copy for referencing looks and talents that have been accepted). Do your research on them, find some work that has been accepted. Follow their Instagram to see who may have already been in the magazine and see the calibre of submissions that are being accepted. 

Some magazines may just want street style and some may want colourful beauty shots. This is up to you to find out which magazines want what.

Once you have done your research, reach out and talk to the magazine. Instagram DM's or email them to see what look and theme the magazine is looking for. After this go forth and set up a photo shoot, get a team together and get creative! Have fun with it, create a story behind the images or try new angles you have not thought about doing before.

Doing all of this can really get you in a good spot and ready to be accepted into the magazine. Just know there is so much amazing talent out in the world also looking to be part of the magazine, so keep on trying and always take the shot at submitting! 

Side note: Don't get discouraged if you are not accepted. There are so many elements that go into accepting a submission such as: does it go with the theme and tone of the magazine, is their issue almost full, was it the right look they were wanting, do you have multiple models with multiple looks, is it the right timing, do you match all the criteria provided, do you have a compelling story? You have to consider all of these points when putting your work out there!

Best of luck and happy submitting!

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ashlesha pagar on

My dream is working in yours magazine small role to big role😇

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