Simple Makeup Look for Dewy Skin and Bold Lips with Model Eden // VIDEO TUTORIAL

As a model and video creator born and raised on Vancouver Island, I crave to express art in the raw, fearless form Earth presents to us.

I use makeup to reflect the natural beauty of the world I am living in, using color to mimic the marmalade hues painting the Pacific Coast skies at dusk, the metallic tones of evergreen trees cloaked in mid-October rain, the splintering fragments of sapphire water clashing atop stormy seas.

Art lets me freeze those fleeting moments in time and marvel at the magic life offers us. My content is meant to express that beauty is not about what you see, but how you see it. Here is where we learn to free ourselves from conforming and embrace the anomalies that make us who we were always meant to be.

Check out the beautiful tutorial for a simple everyday makeup look-




Writen and produced by Eden Von Weiss

IG | @edenvonweiss

Youtube | Eden Von Weiss


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