Exercising Moderation: How to Balance Art and Wellness

Exercising Moderation: How to Balance Art and Wellness

Physically Stressed and Creatively Blessed?


It’s no secret that the artistic lifestyle is one of long hours, lots of stress, and little sleep. The spark of inspiration could strike at any time and we, as dedicated creatives, must be awake to answer its call.


Whether you are writing to meet deadlines, editing content, learning lines for your latest theatrical gig, going to photoshoots, or grinding away at any other artistic avenue, chances are that your passion is not your only responsibility throughout the day.


If you are one of the aspiring artists who also has a day job (the vast majority of us), how can you possibly find the time to answer the siren song of inspiration, not get fired from your main source of income, and maintain a healthy lifestyle?


It is not easy, my friends. Not easy at all. But, in life, things that are “easy” are rarely ever worth the investment.


Your health, however, is worth the investment. The healthier you are, the more creative you can be.


Did you hear me correctly? The healthier YOU are, the more creative YOU can be! So, how can we be our most blessed while being our least stressed?



Find what makes you MOVE and stick to it.


Exercise does not have to be this daunting task that puts a damper on your day. Start out slowly, experiment with different forms of exercise, and find ways to make exercise more enjoyable for you.

There’s no need to rush this! By gradually implementing exercise routines into your daily schedule, you are so much more likely to stick to these changes for the long-term.


Working on your Fitness


You don’t need Fergie to be your witness, you can hold yourself accountable. If you’re an artist, you already have so much self-awareness, self-motivation, and drive. Utilize those energies you have for your passions and apply a portion of them to your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Don’t limit yourself to one type of exercise


So often, people get bogged down into one way of working out, get bored, and decide to just stop altogether. Allow yourself to try new exercises-- yoga, pilates, running, CrossFit, weightlifting, boot camps, hiking, walks with friends-- to increase your likelihood of sticking to your commitment!



Create your “zone”


Figure out which type of music invigorates you and adds a pep in your step! The best way to slam your sessions is to surround yourself with sensory sensations you enjoy. Create an environment that you want to enter into: the right music, the right outfit, the right gum flavor, the right BCAA supplement, the right post-workout protein shake-- whatever the combination may be, find what makes your exercise routine your happy place and stick to it!


How to create your own workout anytime, anywhere.


You truly don’t need anything but your body to get a fantastic workout. Follow these four steps to making your own exercise circuit that you can do between shoots, before rehearsals, or even during your “ten”!


1. Start by choosing 4-5 movements you LOVE.


You can truly pick anything depending on what your goals are or movements that make you feel good!



2. Choose a time interval to stick to.


You can perform each movement for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest; perform each movement for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, or even perform each movement for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest. Choose a time interval that is challenging for you, but that you can complete!


3. Complete as many rounds as you can!


Aim for completing three rounds, but if you can do more and have the time to, go for it!


These circuits are great ways to get your heart pumping, build and tone muscle, and increase your endorphins all under 20 minutes!


The methodologies to move are truly limitless, but they all reap similar results: a healthier, happier, more holistic you.


With so much to accomplish in a single day as an active, passionate creator, how can you possibly find the time to be a healthy, active, and passionate creator?


With everything else, you make the time.



To properly pursue your art, sacrifices must be made, but not to your health. You are your art’s showcase. You would never choose a wobbly easel, a chipped frame, or a dilapidated stage. So, why would you allow your personal vessel to deteriorate?


Keep your artistic vessel vibrant by implementing some simple switches to improve your lifestyle, increase your energy, and showcase your artistic ability as brightly as you can.



Written by: Gillian Rabin



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