How to keep your Balayage looking fresh longer

How to keep your Balayage looking fresh longer

Summer is here and everyone wants lighter, sun-kissed hair. A balayage is a great technique to achieve “grown-in” brightness. This hair color service can be applied almost right to the root or further down for a more contrasted look. One of the many benefits of a balayage is that the color is very low-maintenance, lasting numerous months between salon appointments. Here are tips and tricks to help your balayage last even longer.


1. Use a pigmented shampoo or conditioner

As we wash our hair, the color fades out. Blonde hair colors fade especially fast because they are typically sheer, demi-permanent hair colors (professional toners). Toning shampoos and conditioners are super easy to use at home. They deposit a small amount of pigment back into your hair. If you find your balayage is turning “brassy” or warm toned- try a purple or blue toned shampoo or conditioner to counteract the warmth.  One of my favorites is Aveda’s Blue Malva Conditioner. You can also use pigmented shampoo/conditioners for copper, reds, or chocolate brown balayage.

2. Improve and maintain the health of your hair 

Keeping your hair healthy will not only add shine and softness to your hair, but it will also help your hair strand to retain more of the salon toner. I recommend using a bond-rebuilder like Olaplex Step 3 at least once a week. When the hair strand has a healthy cuticle it seals more of the hair color in. This will also help prevent hair color damage in the future when you get your balayage freshened up.

3. Freshen up the “Money Piece”

The “money-piece” on a balayage is the front, face-framing piece that is usually placed slightly higher than the rest. Having a “money piece” really opens up the face and adds a flattering amount of brightness to the skin. Since it’s placed quite high, it’s usually the most noticeable part of the balayage to grow out. Instead of booking in at the salon to redo the entire balayage, consider booking with your stylist in between color services just to add a couple of highlights around the hairline to freshen up the entire look. This will keep your balayage looking great for longer. “


Written by - Stephanie Karemaker,

Stylist at Velvet Studio in Victoria, BC

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