5 Sun Kissed Makeup Tips

5 Sun Kissed Makeup Tips

If you want to wow your editorial team try these 5 Makeup tips on your next summer shoot and you will be just that much more flawless! This is our favorite summer look! If you want a gorgeous, sun kissed makeup look, this one takes the cake! This fresh-faced, dewy look is perfect to wear on the daily, whether you’re going to work, out to brunch with friends, heading to your next photoshoot or on a date! Be sure to check out the amazing products listed below, they are our Editors Top Pick.


1. Use Bronzer Strategically

Bronzer is one of the best ways to get a sun-kissed look, especially if you use it strategically. Apply bronzer to the apple of your cheeks and follow your cheek and jaw contour to sculpt your face. You should also apply bronzer to your temples and sides of your nose for a glowing appearance.

2. Illuminate With a Highlighter

A good highlighter will illuminate and give dimension to your face, making it look nice and sun-kissed. Blend it along your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, and to the inner corner of your eyes. Swipe and pat highlighter along your cheekbones, then blend it in for a flawless glow.

3. Add Some Blush

Sunkissed, glowing skin is always made better with a touch of blush! After you’ve bronzed and highlighted, you need to add some color back to your face. Apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks for a beautiful flush of color.

4. Skip Lip Gloss

Since lipgloss is super, well, glossy, it can end up competing with your dewy skin. Instead, use a hydrating lipstick with a subtle shine. You can also go for more of a matte finish if that suits you better.

5. Say No To Shimmery Foundation

Highlighter has enough shimmer in it to give you a nice sun-kissed glow – you don’t need shimmer in your foundation, too. Shimmery foundation has light-reflecting particles, so it won’t give you that natural dewy look.

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