How to find the best Smart lighting for your home.

How to find the best Smart lighting for your home.

Lighting homes is tough, sometimes you want a tungsten glow and sometimes you want bright white. This all depends on how you have your place laid out and the event you are hosting at your house, but what if you didn't have to worry about lighting? 

Getting smart lights is a smart decision, for those who record or shoot in their own home studio having dynamic lighting has the ability to make your life easier. 

We've tested several light brands that work with your smart home and these are the two that are battling for the number one spot in your shopping cart. 



LIFX is the master of white lighting, with thousands of shades of white and the ability to sync up to any smart home assistant the LIFX series is a no brainer due to its low cost and range of compatibility. 

We recommend these lights for those who don't need a plethora of colors but like to jump between different tones of white. 

Philips Hue

Philips seems to be the master of everything including color changing light bulbs. With the release of their hue system, you are able to select tens of thousands of different colours for your home. For those who work from home or record at your house, this allows you to create fantastic setups with ambient glows around your house in any colour you can think of. 

The hue system does come at a steep cost that some may not be comfortable with and also has a bridge device that is the communications channel between your phone and the lights. So you will need a dedicated outlet and ethernet cable for this setup. 


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