Camera Releases : Canon EOS R Pro

Camera Releases : Canon EOS R Pro

Canon EOS R Pro

The Full Frame mirrorless camera canon needed

 The Canon EOS R is a huge advancement for canon, almost giving everybody what they wanted in a mirrorless Canon body. With its release, the RF lenses also appeared. 

It was not exactly the mirrorless camera that would stomp out all the competitors but it came pretty close. The reason may be due to the EOS R Pro launching later in 2019. 

The EOS R does not have in body stabilization and has a 30 MP Resolution. Some may find this not enough to justify the cost of the Full frame mirrorless canon has released but for us, it's nice to finally have a full frame canon with decent size and lighter than most of the usual canon dslr bodies. 

For the way I personally shoot, I would have really enjoyed IBS, as I do quite a bit of handheld shooting and street photography. 

Once we have an EOS R body of our own in the studio to test and give a more thorough video review of the camera we will truly put it through the paces with other professional photographers. For now we have to go on with the quick test we had time with! 

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