Top 5 Makeup Tips For Durable & Long-Lasting Makeup

Top 5 Makeup Tips For Durable & Long-Lasting Makeup

Ready for some amazing makeup tips and tricks? Are you on a lookout for the most durable hacks that will help with the longevity of your makeup? If so, you will enjoy this article. Here, we will present our top 5 holy grail makeup hacks that will come in handy when you’re off to a party, if you are off to a club, or if you are lounging and spending a hefty amount of time at the beach. Here’s how to not worry about your makeup, no matter how sweaty the situation is!


Top 5 Makeup Hacks For Long Lasting Makeup


1. Primer Is The Key

A makeup primer is essential in your everyday makeup routine. It is used for the longevity of your base, and it is used on every skin type. However, what is important is that you need to know what primer to use based on your skin type and your concern.

For instance, women who have dry skin should use a radiance-boosting primer that is also nourishing and hydrating.

Women who have oily skin should use a mattifying primer since it will keep their oils in place and at bay.

Lastly, women who have normal or combo skin can play around with different primers and they can customize the look per their preference.

Just make sure that you apply your base products with your fingers and slowly dab them in.


2. Use Liquid Base Products

Once your foundation is on and it sinks into your skin and sets the right way, move onto the rest of your base products. You should use a liquid bronzer, as well as a liquid blush and a liquid highlighter. Apply all of these products onto your face.

Use a beauty blender or a wet sponge so that it sinks the right way. By adding all of your base products, you will enjoy proper longevity.

You can also use your favorite concealer at this point and apply each item on its own and one by one. Make sure to use a clean side of your beauty blender with each of these products, or use different blenders per every product.

Why is this step mandatory and good in its way? Well, liquid base products will act as an amazing foundation for your powder products. If you end up adding this one by one, your powder products will sink in and stay on for hours!

The base itself will prolong the longevity of everything, no matter your skin type or header event and activity.



3. Get Lash Extensions

Are you a fan of feminine and durable lashes? A lot of women love to emphasize their eyes when partying, or when going out with the girls. The best and quickest way to do that is with a set of lash extensions. You should book yourself a lash appointment with your lash esthetician 2-3 days beforehand.

Once you arrive at the salon, your lash esthetician will need around 30-60 minutes for the lash application.

They will place each eyelash individually and one by one.

Once the lashes stick and bond with the glue, you will end up with a flawless outcome. Lash extensions are long-lasting, durable, as well as heat and sweat resistant. This means that they will survive heavy dancing, rain, partying, and even crying!

If you need something durable and wearable for everyday events, and you want feminine eye makeup, you will enjoy this trend the most! It is the best eye makeup and the only makeup that you will need.


4. Bake Your Face

Another step that is essential for the longevity of your face makeup is letting it set with the right powder. A lot of women love the so-called baking method. This is a step where you will apply all of your base products and blend them in with your beauty blender.

After everything is deep in your skin, you should set it with your preferred powder and even “bake” in some areas!

Women who have naturally oily skin will enjoy baking it and setting all of their oils in place. You should use a round fluffy brush and apply a heavy amount of product. Press it and push it deep into your pores. You should especially concentrate it over your T-zone since it is the oiliest part of your skin.

Leave the powder on top for 5-10 minutes, and simply wipe off the excess! Women who have drier skin shouldn’t bake for too long since it might make their skin dry.



5. Use Liquid Lipsticks

If you plan on drinking or kissing just know that liquid matte lipstick is a must. It is the best kind for the longevity of your makeup + it is essential for women who love durable products.

You should apply your favorite colored lipstick to the center and let it properly sink in. Beforehand, we highly recommend that you use a lip balm or a lip oil to prepare your lips for this mattifying product.

Once it dries down, your lipstick will stay kiss-proof and you will easily eat and drink while having it on!



PS: Also, set your face!

Lastly, you should use a setting spray to set all of your natural oils in place, as well as your makeup. The best product to use and the right product to use is a mattifying setting spray which will keep you secure for hours!



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