How to Grow your Hair Long

How to Grow your Hair Long

Lots of people dream of having long, luscious hair but it never seems to grow past their shoulders!

Hair grows roughly half an inch every month. So while it may feel like the hair isn’t growing, the reality is that the hair is actually breaking off on the ends. These are some effective ways to promote hair growth.


1. Take supplements to help your hair grow in healthy

Bamboo Silica is a natural supplement (available at most vitamin stores) that helps your hair grow stronger and thicker. It also does wonders for skin and nails. Since hair does only grow on average half an inch every month, you have to use bamboo silica for at least a few months before you start seeing results. It comes in a variety of gel or capsules. I prefer getting the individual packets that I can just place in my purse for convenience. My favorite is Silicea Direct in Red Berries flavor.


2. Get regular hair trims

It seems like trimming your hair would be the opposite of growing your hair, but it helps strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. Make sure to only cut off less than what has grown in that time-frame. For example, If it’s been 2 months since your last haircut, make sure to only trim off half an inch or less. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly cutting off your growth. Make sure your stylist keeps the ends blunt and uses scissors (as opposed to a razor) to keep the ends as strong and healthy as possible.


3. Use a protein hair mask

There is a difference between protein and moisture hair masks. Protein hair masks strengthen your hair by creating keratin layers over the hair strand, while moisture hair masks fill in the hair’s cuticle and give the hair a softer feel and appearance. Using both moisture and protein hair treatments are great for the hair, but if you are growing your hair long,  you must be using protein treatments weekly to keep the ends strong and prevent breakage. One of my favorites is Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Reconstructing Treatment, which uses vegan quinoa protein.”



Written by - Stephanie Karemaker,

Stylist at Velvet Studio in Victoria, BC


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